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गृहपृष्ठ ‘Media council bill to end aberrations in media’

‘Media council bill to end aberrations in media’

shankar pokhrel newskarobar फाइल तस्बिर

Chief Minister of State-5, Shankar Pokhrel, has said that it was a compulsion to bring bill related to media council to end increasing evils and aberrations in the media.

Saying the government was aware on how to make media strong and powerful, Chief Minister Pokhrel expressed the belief that the bill related to media council would help end the evils and aberrations plaguing the media.

On the occasion of 13th anniversary of Radio Madhya Paschim at Ghorahi today, he said that the government was active to make press strong and powerful as democracy could not be strong without independent press. ‘The state has brought this bill to make media stronger. The bill has no provision to curtail press freedom,’ he said.

Saying democracy would be in difficult if State becomes weak, the Chief Minister said that the state would be strong and powerful only if the people become strong.  He said that the State would not carry out activities hampering press freedom as the role played by press for democracy was incomparable.

Chief Minister Pokhrel said that the State-5, out of seven states, is at the forefront in laws and periodic plan formulation, employment adjustment. (RSS)

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